Business Administration


Our vision is to be to be a top-of-mind business college as reflected by the recognition of our brand, the reputation of our people, and the rankings of our programs. To continue the transformation into a next-generation business college through the development of a unique college culture.


Our mission is to provide high quality business education to our undergraduate and graduate students through the delivery of a current, responsive, and innovative curriculum that promotes intellectual and professional development. Is to offer high-quality academic programs designed to give students a competitive advantage in the world of business now and in the future.

Core Values

In carrying out our mission, the College of Business is guided by the following core values and expects the following outcomes:

Intellectual Excellence

1.1. Educate students: We promote intellectual and professional development of students by emphasizing communication, critical and analytical thinking, collaboration, information management and a broad exposure to key business disciplines.

1.2. Scholarship: We believe that faculty and students should engage in professional development and scholarly endeavors that promote and impact the application, creation and dissemination of knowledge through contributions to business practice, learning and pedagogical research, and discipline-based scholarship.

1.3. Cultural competence: We maintain and develop current and responsive curriculum that prepares students for the global business environment through broad exposure to key business disciplines.

1.4. Physical learning environment: We strive to provide a physical infrastructure with appropriate technology that provides an environment in which our students and faculty can thrive professionally and intellectually.


2.1. Collegiality: We encourage transparency in our decision making practice through a process of shared governance based on interactions among faculty, staff, and students.

2.2. Service: We pursue collaborative partnerships between our internal and external stakeholders to impact and promote life-long and experiential learning, research, service, and community engagement.


3.1. We value the opportunity to work, learn, and develop in a community that embraces the diversity of individuals and ideas.


4.1. Ethics: We are committed to ethical and responsible behavior in our own actions and to developing the same commitment in our students by promoting the awareness of professional ethical responsibilities.

4.2. Responsibility: We commit to being responsible and accountable in our operations at all levels, including assessment and continuous improvement of our academic programs and transparency in our fiscal and operational proceedings.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

The graduate has reliable demonstrated the ability to

  1. Develop an integrated knowledge in business and strategies.
  2. Apply analytical and problem solving skills in the functional areas of management, finance, marketing and other areas of business.
  3. Apply ethical principles in the business environment with people of diverse ethnic cultural and other background.
  4. Apply the knowledge of business concepts and function in an integrated manner.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding the ethical, legal and social obligations and responsibilities of business.
  6. Develop Business strategies which take into account perceived, value, competitive presumes, corporate objectives and cost analysis
  7. Develop strategies for efficient and effective

By the end of the all semesters the student will be eligible for the degree of BSc Honor in Business Administration.