B Pharmacy


The establishment of a modern pharmacy program is a unique idea leading to a creation of complementary biomedical disciplines, which will be a model for integration of health care education as well as for inter-disciplinary research. This will enable pharmacy students to study certain subjects of clinical nature. Such studies and clinical rounds would increase contact and mutual acceptance of the respective knowledge and will ensure the acceptance of the future pharmacist as an integral member of the healthcare team.

To keep peace and to meet the changing needs and demands of the society and profession the pharmacy program is embarking on a teaching program to enable hospital settings. both the theoretical and practical courses intended to provide the opportunity for students to gain greater experience in patient –centered learning environments and to work co-operatively with other health care practitioners as practicing members of the health care team, it is the goal of the program to prepare pharmacists who can assume expanded responsibilities for the clinical use of drugs and assist in the provision of rational drug therapy.

The course is structured to provide an excellent education for future pharmacists on the basis of a sound inter –disciplinary science degree course built on bridging chemistry and biology.

  1. Mission:

The mission of ZUC program of Pharmacy is to participate in the development and promotion of its community through high quality and cost effective education, research, and professional services with the ultimate goal of attaining international recognition.

  1. Vision:

ZUC B.Pharm. Program of Pharmacy will be one of the leading Sudanese Pharmaceutical programs with an international reputation achieved excellence by providing a high quality education in relation to core knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are necessary for the provision of pharmaceutical services.

  1. Values:

3.1. Integrity / Transparency:

ZUC Pharmacy program will operate as a community trust, supported and established by the citizens of Khartoum State, the Sudan at large and the international community. We will conduct our activities with integrity and steward our resources in an ethical manner.

3.2. Respect:

In ZUC, we will respect our colleagues, our students and our community. We treat others and their ideas in a manner that conveys respect as we discuss our differences. We will teach our students to respect their patients and co-patients, other members of the health care team and their colleagues.

3.3. Compassion:

Compassion defines a good Pharmacist, it is at the very center of all we do. We will seek students and faculty role models who have this trait and work to enhance it through education, research and service.

3.4. Collaboration/ Generosity/Partnership:

ZUC program will value what everyone in the region has to offer and believe our collaboration strengthens all. We will work to create partnerships with educational and health related organizations that support our mission – to provide our students an inter-professional education and to improve the health of the citizens of Khartoum State, Sudan at large and neighbors from African countries and other countries.  We will share what we have learned with others and assist whenever possible to serve the people of our state, nation and beyond.


3.5. Discovery and  Scholarship:

Discovery and scholarship are what differentiate academic Pharmacy program. ZUC will encourage faculty and students to continuously seek and advance the creation of knowledge to improve the human condition.

3.6 .Student Friendly:

ZUC is committed to students having an exceptional educational experience. It will seek feedback from students about improving the process of education, learn from their ideas, and provide educational services in a manner that respects students, supports their efforts to be good Pharmacists and scientists and provides a quality educational experience. Students will be partners in their education. ZUC will seek to encourage students to develop a balance between work and activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

3.7. Community Health:

ZUC is committed to play a role in improving the Pharmaceutical services and care of the community and to contribute to the development of the community. It will involve students, faculty and staff in creating projects to increase the awareness of community health and work with other organizations who strive for the same goal.

3.8. Social Responsibility:

Our students, faculty and staff are part of a community, region, state and world. ZUC will encourage all to get involved with their area, contribute to its wellbeing and be active volunteers in bettering life. ZUC educational focus will emphasize service to the community.

3.9. Best Practices:

ZUC will not only teach our students that Pharmacy is best if supported by sound scientific evidence, but will disseminate information to faculty and community Pharmacist that will enable them to change practice as evidence dictates through the provision of access to library resources and continuing Pharmaceutical information.

3.10. Quality:

ZUC seeks to produce an educational experience of quality: quality in the delivery of Pharmaceutical Care and quality in our research and service efforts. Additionally, ZUC want to prepare students to understand the process of quality improvement in the Pharmacy practice.

3.11. Innovation:

Innovation is the heart of ZUC and thus it will be open to new ideas from faculty, students, and staff, seeks out new ideas and will evaluate them with open minds in order to continue to improve the efficacy of Pharmaceutical and health care and the health system.

3.12. Stewardship:

ZUC has been entrusted with a great responsibility- the education of the next generation of Pharmacists. This mandates that we live our values and focus on our mission to serve through education, research, Pharmaceutical care and community service.

3.13. Communication:

ZUC wants to instill in our students an understanding that good communication is a large part of being a good Pharmacist. It will work to develop communication skills in students. It will also remember that many people support the school from throughout the region and work to not only communicate our progress but to listen to their feedback and hopes for the college. It will communicate also with students, faculty, other members of the health care team and staff both by listening to ideas and sharing plans.

3.14. Lifelong Learning:

ZUC encourages students to understand that the process of growth and learning is continual. It will seek faculty who model the desire to learn and improve practice, develop continuing Pharmaceutical education offerings to the region and prepare students to modify practice based on new evidence.

  1. Objectives:

This program aims to: –

  1. Provide a sound scientific foundation on which the graduate can base an effective career as pharmacist.
  2. Provide a breadth of instruction and experience so that the graduate will be able effectively to apply the acquired scientific understanding in their chosen branch of pharmacy and as well as to set their knowledge of pharmacy in the wider social and scientific context.
  3. Develop the ability of the student to learn, to work effectively both independently and as a member of the health care team, to design and carry out experiments, to assemble, analyses and assimilate information and to disseminate information effectively for other health care providers.
  4. Development of research capabilities.
  5. To enable the student to:
  6. Practice according to the internationally accepted code of ethics.
  7. Accept the responsibility of continuing professional education in order to utilize advances in pharmaceutical sciences and to benefit from further postgraduate training in Sudan or elsewhere.
  8. Initiate research into local health problems and traditional medicinal plants as well as research into other fields of pharmaceutical and/or medical interests.
  9. 5. Rationale and Justification:
  10. Provision of an innovative Pharmacy education program by the charity Medical Education Institute.
  11. A good addition to delivery of high quality Pharmaceutical service in a densely populated area such as Khartoum State.
  12. Availability of large number of pensioners with a wealth of experience in innovative Pharmaceutical education and Pharmaceutical service delivery.
  13. Provision of extra chances in innovative program of Pharmaceutical education for a large number of Sudan General Certificate students who obtained very high percentages (>75%) and yet fail to get chance of University education.