Medical Laboratory Sciences


Program of medical laboratory sciences is intended to graduate qualified medical laboratory professionals. It has the advantage that, students will graduate with honor degree (175 credit hours) and specialize in on one of the five major medical laboratory sciences in four academic years, which enable the graduates to directly admitted into post graduate studies without passing through a qualifying year.

The program consists of Eight semester, semester one and two are preparatory semesters, in which the student studies the basic sciences that are pre-requist for the medical laboratory sciences; semester three and four are the core semesters, in which the student intensively studies all the major five medical laboratory sciences, i.e. Haematology, Medical Parasitology, Medical microbiology, Clinical chemistry, and Histopathology and cytology; in semester seven and eight the student will specialize in one of the five medical laboratory sciences.


The vision of medical laboratory program is to be an internationally recognized center of excellence in medical laboratory science education and medical research.



The mission of medical laboratory science program is to graduate highly qualified medical laboratory professionals, equipped with academic knowledge and technical skills, have the ability to think creatively, and keep abreast of recent developments to contribute effectively in community service and health problem solving.

Intended learning outcomes:

Graduates of medical laboratory sciences program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate adequate knowledge and skills in the field of medical laboratory sciences and apply classic and advanced laboratory techniques for diagnosis of human diseases
  2. Conduct research activities based on health problems and felt need of society.
  3. Communicate effectively with other health professionals, and the community, and project a coherence vision of social responsibilities.

Engage in continuous self-improvement, and professional growth, and display positive leadership and professional behaviors.