Introduction :
The Zamzam University College was established to contribute to increasing knowledge and innovation in support of social and economic development by qualifying students in six proposed programs: medicine, pharmacy, medical labs, information technology, administrative sciences and nursing sciences which will contribute to increasing the number of nursing services.
Justification for the program:
The nursing profession is considered one of the most important human professions in the health field. The need to establish the Nursing Bachelor program is to cover for acute shortagein nursing and educational services, to increase awareness and keep pace with the global changes in scientific techniques and adopt the curricula and recommendations of international and regional cooperation programs in nursing.
College Philosophy:
The Zamzam Nursing Program seeks to excel and improve the quality of education and the nursing profession by preparing students with the ability to investigate scientifically, critical thinking, and logical analysis with sound professional ethics.
Nursing is science and art so the philosophy of this education is derived from the combination of the originality and civilization of the Sudan and the goodness of his people and motivated spirit of love creativity and innovation excellence.


Zamzam College is a pioneer in providing educational programs and outstanding research in nursing and community service.
We seek to be a scientific and cultural radiation center that rated the top of the higher education institutions locally and regionally and among the institutions rated globally.
Mission :-
Preparation of highly qualified and skilled graduates to provide safe nursing care in various health facilities and leaders with skills to the level of international standards and able to produce research that contributes to the development of society.






Objectives of the program:
1. Preparing educational, applied, and behavioral frameworks in various nursing fields to serve the community.
2. Develop the spirit of the health team and take responsibility in the performance of nursing tasks.
3. Develop strategic partnerships and professional cooperation with beneficiary organizations to raise the quality of education and training in order to provide excellent health services.
4. Achieve excellence in nursing research in order to improve health outcomes and make a qualitative leap in nursing education.
5. Access to an advanced arrangement at the national and global level.