Within ten years, we have endeavored to be a model in terms of raising the quality of university scientific programs and meeting the needs of the community and the needs of the civil service in the public and private sectors, taking into consideration the changes in the needs of the labor market in the fields of service and industry. We also aim to participate in the work of sustainable development of the Sudanese society not only in education but also through consultative and voluntary work in coordination with the official authorities and civil society through:
* Contribute to the development of higher education in various disciplines and branches.
* Ensure that the learning process is parallel with the learning process.
• Achieve alignment between university outputs and development requirements.
* Developing a stimulating educational and research environment for students, professors and researchers.
* Utilizing modern techniques in teaching and evaluation with periodic evaluation to keep pace with the continuous development in the academic field.
* Double the collection of books, reference books and digital resources annually
* Integration of academic programs with scientific and psychological counseling programs in order to be a modern academic institution by all standards.
* Recruit the best cadres, especially retired Sudanese and returnees to their homeland.
* Building relationships with similar institutions in Arab, African, Asian, European and American countries.
* Interest in the improvement of the required languages ​​according to specialized studies (at least two languages).
* Linking the college’s programs with the requirements of the internal and external labor market and establishing common