About EDC



To be a leading  in professional development, educational improvement, and scholarship for quality teaching and learning


  • To inform the development and facilitate the implementation of learning-and-teaching-related policies, guidelines, and strategic initiatives in the University.
  • To promote a culture of learning and teaching excellence, grounded in impactful trainings, the innovative use of educational technologies and scholarly approaches to learning and teaching.
  • To build capacity for members of the University involved in teaching or supporting learning and teaching.


  • To provide outstanding learning opportunities for the students through effective teaching and learning technologies, and professional development for university staff to advance teaching.
  • Teaching and learning is to support Zamzam University college mission for being internationally recognized through the implementation of methods that help students to learn more successfully and actively.
  • Learning outcomes at Zamzam University college are well defined, based on international standards and local needs.


Teaching and Learning Duties

  • The EDC is working together with all lecturers and streams at Zamzam University College to improve the quality of teaching and enhance active learning.
  • Structured and well-planned teaching approaches are required to achieve learning outcomes. Therefore, the major duties of the EDC include:
  • Run workshops on course and program learning outcomes.
  • Analyze and map course learning outcomes.
  • Ensure the Integration at every level of the curriculum needs to be improved.

Monitor on a continuing basis with necessary adjustments made in offered programs to ensure continuing relevance and quality