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Mohamed Elamin Ahmed

Professor of Surgery

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cardio surgery Infection Echinococcosis Epidemiology PCR DNA sequencing

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Khalid Omer Alfarouk, PhD

Zamzam University College, Khartoum, Sudan

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Evolutionary Oncology Tumor Metabolism Molecular Pharmacology

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Ibtisam ali


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hypertension cardiology

Hasan Abuaisha

Another name: Hassan AbuAisha

Professor of Medicine and Nephrology

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Nephrology. hypertension dialysis physical …

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Khidir Agab Mohammed Hassan

PhD pharmacy

email: kh****@za****.sd

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Elamin Abdelkareem

Assistant Professor of medical parasitology
email : el****@za****.sd

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Elrayah Mohammad

professor of statistics

Email : pr*********@za****.sd

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Dr Eyad Gadour
Associate Professor
Zamzam University College
verified email at ey********@za****.sd