Our philosophy

We believe that the message of education is to contribute to the integrated construction of personality and to strive to strengthen the spirit of scientific initiative and the flexibility of thought and innovation renewed and believe that the main tool for this is the development of our wealth of mental and value, which is the basis of our renaissance.
We believe that the outputs of higher education beyond qualification of young people to work efficiently and adequately to include the provision of knowledge products, research and patents in support of economic and social development.
To achieve this, sincere collaborative work is required shared by staffs and students, state, and community, and believe that the university community with all its elements is the main locomotive of excellence we seek for our people.

Our Strategy:

Continuous updating (according to the higher guidelines) of the contents of our curricula and our educational and calendar systems in a way that will enhance the uniqueness of our institution and adopt the most modern methods according to quality standards and in accordance with the international systems adopted and always developed